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October Newsletter


HAPPY FALL y'all!!


Fun For Seniors

Senior Meet- Up  Arrowwood Community Center is offering our Seniors a chance to express your ideas of what activities, or programs you would like for the community center to offer. The community center will have complementary coffee, tea, bagels, and donuts.    

Please join us: Oct 11th, 2017  

Where: Arrowwood Community Center  Time: 10 AM -11:30 AM  



2nd Friday of every month 11-1pm 

Ø October 13th 

Ø November 10th 

Ø December 8th  



Ø All registration information must be turned in. 

Ø Parent or Guardians MUST have attended one of 3 parent meetings. 

Ø Starting October 1st children will be unable to return to after school program program unless registration forms have been submitted AND meeting has been scheduled with center director.   

Ø Contact center by  Phone: 734-665-6629 or 

Email: by Sept 29th  



Come learn how to code and create your own app. There will be 250 dollars in prizes, and dinner will be served. This will be sponsored by Comcast and Tech Girls

Where: Arrowwood Community center When: November 13th Time: 4pm-7pm  

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Carrying Charge Rates changed effective  January 1, 2017


One bedroom : $410.00 

Two bedroom :$495.00 

Three bedroom: $540.00 

Four bedroom $595.00  


  POWERSCHOOL TUTORIAL  Parents do you need help tracking your student’s progress. Thursday February 16th from 6:30-7:30pm we will have a PowerSchool training.  PowerSchool is an easy to use, web-based student information system used in AAPS to provide students, parents, guardians, and teachers a way to communicate regarding student performance. Stay up to date on your child’s grades and progress in school. All K-12 encouraged to attend.

  -------------------------------------------------------------  COMPUTER USE Every Wednesday from 1:30-3:00pm the computer lab is open for adult residents and those looking to apply for WIC or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).   


Maintenance Emergency     Call  734 665 3116 and Hold …after hours

The “after hours” and weekend emergency phone number for Co-op Maintenance is available from the answering service by dialing the regular number for Maintenance 734-665-3116. 

Please do not page or call emergency maintenance when the problem is not of an emergency nature. 

Emergencies include: furnace out-of-order, no electricity (except a general outage), sewer back-up, inoperable refrigerator, no hot or cold water; frozen pipes, water flooding a unit, or a leaking water heater, NO functioning toilet in the townhouse.  

Lock outs are not an emergency

If you smell gas (call utility – DTEnergy 1-800-477-4747)   

Carrying charges are due on the first.

Carrying charges are due on the first.  

Ready to get into the 21st century? We have two new methods of processing your Carrying Charge payments.  We now have a scanner which will automatically process your payments from your bank or credit union account.  Please make sure the funds are available when you give us your check. Clearly, write your name and address on the check or money orders.  We also have a new ACH payment system. Marcus Management sent enrollment forms to assist you in having your Carrying charges automatically deducted from your bank or credit union. Additional forms are available in the office.  Your payment will be deducted on the 5th of the month. Carrying charges are due on the first of the month and you have a five (5) day grace period. Late payments not received in full by 9 am on the 6th of the month are assessed a $10 late fee. On the 20th we access a $20.00 late fee for $30.00 total a month. If your account has a balance of more than 30 days you will be forwarded to the attorney for collection. All payments agreements are reviewed by the board, only one will be approved in a 12 month period. Please be proactive in requesting payment arrangements to avoid legal proceedings. 

The Cooperative committees always needs Volunteers

The Cooperative committees always needs Volunteers 

A & E Committee meets once a month and works with our reserve study to plan improvements for the cooperative and make recommendations to the board. We will be focusing on thresholds, Patio doors and front doors this year.  Communications is a new committee that will improve how we communicate with our members. Update the website and establish Facebook page.  Pet committee is being developed. A policy is being written to establish what they do. You can volunteer in helping us getting this off the ground.  ********************************************* 

Mark the date  Our 47th ANNUAL Meeting Saturday May 6th 


SNOW STICKERS: Are available in the office for elderly, disabled, and handicapped members that do not have an able bodied person residing with them in the home. Please make them clearly visible on your screen door so that the maintenance workers can see them. To see if you qualify please contact the office. 

PARKING: We have assigned parking for all Members. Please do not allow your visitors to park in an assigned space at any time including the weekends. Please remember to move your cars to assist with clearing of parking lot snow. 

MAINTENANCE: Please do not approach maintenance workers on the grounds, at their place of residence, enter the garage, or call them on their personal phones. All maintenance must be scheduled through the office.